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Hello Dear! First of thank you for your interest  with the AVH brand <3

My name is Fatou , I am a 32 years old,  black canadian entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and a travel addict. I was born in Senegal and raised in Montreal.

People were always surprised to find out that I did not have any professional hairstyling experience prior to launching my company . So how did I go from being a service director for a major canadian airline to launching my own hair company?  Well it all started for my beloved mother…

She was my hero and I’ve never met such a strong and kind-hearted woman. She battled against breast cancer close to 8 years. Even through sickness she always wanted to look her best. She was always looking for new hairstyles  and would ask me to style her units. One day I came to realize that we were both spending tremendous amount of money each year on wigs & hair extensions. From that point forward I decided to make my own wigs which I learned from trials and errors, from watching hours of content on the internet about wig making.

I still remember the look on my mom’s face when I gave her the first wig. She was so ecstatic and already making plans to refer me to others cancer survivors and patients undergoing chemotherapy.

I feel so blessed and grateful for my family & closest friends who saw the true potential and supported me from the start to launch my own brand, something I would have never imagined..

Just a few months before launching AVH my mother passed away however I know she is by my side everyday and give me the strength to push forward. She has a front row seat to my development as an entrepreneur and I’m sure she is very proud to see Amala virgin hair involvement with the breast cancer community. Learn more.



Amala Virgin Hair is a luxurious hair brand dedicated to provide you with the finest and highest grade of virgin hair. Our hair is ethically sourced from India, the Philippines, Cambodia .

Before launching AVH we spent months researching and testing hair extensions to find a authentic premium quality. From various conversations with different hair vendors from all around the globe we sadly realized that like millions others out there we were highly misinformed about the hair business. This lead us to ensure that our brand would only carry authentic hair textures. After personally traveling to Southeast Asia and India to visit numerous facilities we found professionally established manufactures with safe working environment and ethical values aligned with ours!

From the moment the hair is harvested it is handled with the utmost care. The hair get sorted by texture and length. It is then washed with natural products to have the quality preserved. Our Raw virgin hair can be washed, bleached, permed, coloured, flat-ironed and curled while still maintaining its quality. We only carry 100% human and authentic textures.




Proud partner of CURE foundation. 10% of our profits are donated for the cause. Learn more. 

Eager to help  women suffering from hairloss due to
medical conditions .

Empowered woman empowering women.


Become internationally known and established as an online hair distributor.


We want to be recognized as an organization with integrity and a high level of transparency.

Build long-term and trusting relationship with our business partners.

Client-centric is at the center stage of our strategy and we will strive to continuously deliver a product and services that will go above and beyond expectations because our clients loyalty is our greatest gratification.

We are open-minded and constantly  innovate in order to build an efficient supply chain and serve our customers around the globe.