Our frivole collection is Indian hair collected in India through temples tonsuring methods. For centuries hindus devotees would at least once in their life sacrifice their hair for various religious beliefs. However when the hair extensions market became a lucrative business, temples started auctionning the hair to manufacturers and vendors.

Our velvet collection is Filipinos hair collected from rural villages in the Philippines. Contrary to Indian Hair, filipinos hair is very rare to obtain since it’s not cultural for them to give away. In fact, the hair is sold to collectors by women who unfortunately have very low to no income and financially need to support their household.

The quantity is therefore very limited making it quite expensive to buy.

Our Persuasion collection is cambodian hair collected from countrysides. Like the velvet collection this hair was sold by women with low incomes and in need of financial support.

In order to fall into that category the hair must adhere to very strict standards.

It must be from ONE single donor and also must be collected through very careful methods and have cuticles laying in the same direction.
It must NOT have been through any kind of processing such as mechanically patterned, chemically straightened or coloured.

Remy hair is a mix from multiples donors. The hair that is collected may have been previously processed (color or otherwise) by the donors.

While virgin hair is a thick ponytail coming from one single donor that has never had any chemical treatment on their hair.

Non-remy hair is most of the time collected from floors of temples, salons and random suppliers. With this type of collection method, cuticle directions become mixed, causing inevitable shedding, tangling and matting problems. To mask the problems that will arise with non-remy hair, hair suppliers will use harsh chemicals to strip the cuticles completely and then apply a large amount of silicone coating to make the hair appear soft and silky.

– Check out for cuticles. Real virgin hair should not be stripped off their cuticles.

– Check out for perfect uniformity. If your hair bundle is perfectly waved/curled/straight it means that it has been processed mechanically or chemically. Real human hair IS NOT perfectly uniform in pattern.

– Check out for colour. Unless you are buying European hair virgin hair comes from different shades of brown to black.

You might notice some bundles with split-ends because donors usually do not trim their ends and we do not treat the hair in order to maintain the integrity of our extensions, AVH does not cut or process the hair. It is up to our consumers to do so.

We do not control the age of the donors, some are older than others that explains why you could find few strands of white hair in your bundle. Every bundle is unique since every bundle comes from one single donor.

With the proper care your AVH extensions can be reused many years if kept unprocessed.

Each AVH bundle weight 100g.

For a natural looking sew-in weave you would generally require 2 bundles for any length below 16”. You would need between 3 to 4 bundles for any length above 18”. The longer the hair, the more bundles you need.

Because there is no regulations, many suppliers can market their product with false labels. Their extensions are cheaper since they are using non-remy hair and the lowest quality chemicals. Depending on the vendors you order from, if you are lucky you can get decent remy hair that have not gone through lots of processing However most of the chineses suppliers mix non-remy hair with synthetic or animal fibers to lower the hair cost even more. If a 18” bundle cost you less than 125$ CAD/100$ USD, chances are it not remy and it is not virgin hair.

Although we stand behind the quality of our products, We’ve temporarily updated our 30 days warranty Return Policy due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Effective immediately all sales are final. For a defective product an exchange or store credit will be offered, no refund.

Our Warranty DOES NOT cover the following:
– Defects from improper use/application of the product.
– Defects from personal attempts to alter the product in any way from its     original form.

For more information please email us at info@amalavirginhair.com We will  accommodate you the best we can.

We are committed to providing you the best shopping experience possible. We will try to accommodate any reasonable request prior to the shipping. Please send all order requests to info@amalavirginhair.com